OnePrompt as Personal Assistant ChatBot.


Advanced ChatBot App as Personal Assistant

Plugins using OpenAI Function Calling

OnePrompt provides plugins using OpenAI "Function Calling". Plugins enhance the AI chat experience with personal assistant chatbot.

How to use plugins

In order to utilize the plugin, you need to modify the GPT model to something like "gpt-3.5-turbo-0613" which includes the specific string "0613".

Screenshot of All OnePrompt Plugins Enabled.

All Plugins Enabled


The three plugins that use iOS features are Weather, Contacts, and Calendars (alias Events). The other plugin is the Wikipedia plugin. The visual examples below showcase the plugin's utilization of iOS features.

Screenshot using OnePrompt Weather Plugin.

Weather Plugin

The weather plugin utilizes WeatherKit framework of iOS. The screenshot shows an inquiry about the weather for the next three days starting from Monday of the upcoming week in New York City.

Screenshot using OnePrompt Contacts Plugin.

Contacts Plugin

The contacts plugin utilizes Contacts framework of iOS. The screenshot displays a request for John's contact information along with the corresponding response outcomes.

Screenshot using OnePrompt Events Plugin.

Events Plugin

This screenshot illustrates that there's a meeting scheduled with Jack next Wednesday at around 2:00 PM for about an hour, depicting the outcome of registering that event.

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OnePrompt can be used on all your iOS devices.

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