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Powerful ChatBot App as Personal Assistant

Enhancing AI Chat Usability

OnePrompt is a chatbot application designed to enhance AI chat interactions. Users can effortlessly switch between chat prompts using the chat screen menu, eliminating the need for manual copy-pasting from a web browser. Moreover, the app allows users to save chat logs and export them in text format to a designated folder in

OnePrompt now offers plugins that leverage the new "function calling" feature of the OpenAI API. These plugins provide seamless integration with iOS functions such as Weather, Contacts and Calendar (aka Events). Additionally, Wikipedia and customized plugins are also available. By making use of OnePrompt, individuals who frequently engage in AI chat interactions can elevate their experience, transforming it into a powerful personal assistant.

Key Features

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Here are screenshots displaying the application in action.

Screenshot of Instant Answer on Chat using OnePrompt.

Instant Answer

The OnePrompt provides the standard functionality found in the OpenAI ChatGPT app.

Screenshot of Chat using Healthcare Prompt.


You can utilize prompts specifically designed for health counseling to engage in discussions about common ailments in daily life.

Screenshot of Prompt Switching on OnePrompt.

Prompt Switching

The prompts you create can be quickly switched using the menu on the chat screen.

Screenshot of Built-in Plugins on OnePrompt.

Built-in Plugins

Built-in Plugins offer seamless integration with iOS features and provide convenient plugins.

Screenshot of Custom Plugins on OnePrompt.

Custom Plugins

Custom Plugins enhance productivity by utilizing other API services. Now four templates are available.

Screenshot to Redeem Code on OnePrompt.

Redeem Code

Let's kick things off with a 3-month free trial through the "GET STARTED NOW" campaign.


OnePrompt enables chat functionality by utilizing the user's own OpenAI API key. It's worth noting that API keys are used based on user consent, ensuring that the information you provide is not employed for machine learning activities. Rest assured, there's no need to worry about the disclosure of personal information. You can use OnePrompt with complete assurance in the protection of your data. For additional details, please refer to the OpenAI API Data Usage Policy.

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OnePrompt can be used on all your iOS devices.

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